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Services & Fees

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Online / Telephone

£50 per Session

Having to drive long distances and take significant time out of a busy schedule to seek therapy can be a burden on many people in need of help.

Online or telephone therapy offers access to those Individuals who are unable to leave their home or office for various reasons. This service can often schedule your therapy sessions for times that are the most convenient for you.

I offer online therapy sessions with Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and telephone. We can discuss using an alternative platform that you may prefer or feel more familiar with.


Walk & Talk

£50 per Session

Walk & Talk offers an alternative option for therapy.  It also combines the health benefits of walking outside with the psychological benefits of talking to a trained counsellor.  The pace is set by the client, walking side by side, exploring issues and problems in the natural environment.

Psychology Patient

Face to Face

£50 per Session

Face to face sessions are offered in a safe, confidential & comfortable environment in the Windsor area.
Sharing space with others and telling difficult stories from your life can be hard, Face to face may increase a sense of safety, enabling you to feel more comfortable opening up.

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