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Stormy Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the first steps?

A. Please fill in your contact details, and I will schedule a free consultation to discuss working together.

Q. How long are the sessions?

A. Individual session will last approximately 50 minutes.

Q. How many sessions do I need?

A. it is very difficult to define how many sessions would be required as it is depends on the individual needs.  

Q. Will my session be confidential?

A. All information disclosed during our sessions will be treated as confidential according to the strict rules laid down by the BACP.  For more information click BACP Ethical Framework

Q. How can I pay?

A. Sessions are payable prior or immediately after the scheduled session.

Q. What if I need to cancel?

A. If you notify 24 hours before your session is due to take place, there is no fee. Less than 24 hours cancellation is non-refundable.

Q. Are you a business and do you have insurance?

A. Yes, Journey Counselling Ltd is a registered business in England and the business holds professional indemnity insurance which can be provided on request.

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